Vocal Music Department

Westside High School

District 66; Omaha, NE

2023-2024 Performance Dates

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Vocal Music Calendar

September 24--Show Choir and Sundaes   1 PM WHS Main Gym

September 28--Fall Choral Concert 7 PM  WHS Auditorium

November 5--Cabaret 2 PM and 7 PM  WHS Auditorium

December 12--Winter Choral Concert  7 PM  WHS Auditorium

January 9--ATSC Premiere Night 7 PM WHS Auditorium

January 11--SI Premier Night 7 PM WHS Auditorium

January 17--Warrior Express Premiere Night 8 PM  WHS Auditorium

February 22--Choral Clinic Concert 7 PM WHS Auditorium

March 7-10--NEWSIES--7 PM (Th,Fri, Sat) 2 PM (Sun)

March 23--Show Choir Auditions

April 16--DMC Preview Concert--7 PM  WHS Main Gym

April 18-20--District Music Contest

May 7--Spring Choral Concert 7 PM WHS Auditorium

May 10--An Evening of Show Choirs 7 PM WHS Auditorium