Vocal Music Department

Westside High School

District 66; Omaha, NE

Executive Board

Presidents                                                     Joy and Matt Suder

Vice-Presidents                                             Julie and Charlie Liakos

Treasurer                                                      David Cota/Wyn Sipple

Secretary                                                      Sue Shields

Advisors                                                        Meg and Nate Dodge

Advisor                                                          Stephanie Cota



Committee Chairs

Hall of FAME                                                  Sydney Goodwin

Cabaret                                                         Amanda Smith

Competition of Excellence                             Whitney Goldner  

Evening of Show Choirs                                  


Voices!                                                         Jackie Kroeger and Elizabeth Tape

Bulletin Boards                                             

Facebook Group                                           Cindy Kohll-Persky

ATSD                                                            Troy Upton

Hauling Heroes                                             Deb and Mike McKay

Vocal Music Parent Association 2020-2021